Created for Lexus by Prodigious, Visionaries is a series that celebrates Lexus’ bold vision for the future, a vision that not only defines new car innovations but embraces the pioneering spirits who drive them.

The documentary series highlights leaders in their fields, each with a common goal: to realize forward-thinking ideas, making the impossible possible.


Lena Okajima, Lexus Visionary

Exploring new possibilities in space, Astrophysicist Lena Okajima is turning our night sky into a canvas, with her spectra of artificial shooting stars. Learn more here.

Vincent Seritella, Lexus Visionary

In San Francisco, Painter Vincent Serritella is breaking from convention, bridging the gap between artist and collector, traditional painting, and advanced animation technology. Meet the artist resolutely following his own path here.

The films above were edited by Aleks Manou for Prodigious AU.