Reanimate Projects

Sonic the Hedgehog – Reanimated

From the psychos that brought you SHREK RETOLD, 3GI is proud to present to you SONIC REBUILT – a large scale reanimated collab of the 1996 OVA SONIC THE HEDGEHOG movie. Coming soon.

Shrek Remake – A Shrek Remake for Shrekfest 2017
Film-makers and animators from across the globe have come together to create this bizarre, grotesque and ultimately masterful remake of the classic film, Shrek.

My section of animation, shown below, was created entirely with digital Lego, and rendered through Element and After Effects.

Gemanimate 2 – A Steven Universe Reanimate Project
A total of 164 animators across the globe have come together to create this amazing reanimated episode of Steven Universe’s The Answer. Our animators have donated their time and skills to create this fan animation out of love for Steven Universe.

This is a non profit, global collaborative, fan effort project. Over a year in the making, over 200 participating artists and animators have come together and lent their time and talents to this, resulting a full length parody episode of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! show (known as ‘Season 0’ by fans).

Chainamation – round 8
We’ve got a special trick or treat for round 8 – halloween!
Each contributor was given 72 hours to animate 1-2 seconds adding to what the previous animator had done.

Kyle Martinez
Stephen Ong
James Webber
Cory Livengood
Chris Jones
Jason Linn
Jesse Liebhart
Tsuriel Eichenstein
Aleks Manou
Kamron Robinson
Sean Martin
Sabine Volkert
Parker Young
Casey Latiolais
Padraic Driscoll

Music – SFX:
Joe Basile